Garry Polley

I'm a developer that loves making development easier. Currently, I focus on web development. I work client side with JavaScript, though I'm not a fan. I prefer to skip the middle layer and go to the back end of a website. Be-it a database or a deployment that niche is what I like to fill. I can do Rails and Django development -- preferring Django.

These days I'm also working in Go, which is like a statically typed Python for me.

You'll likely see a mix of content on this website, mostly related via blog posts. I generally focus on technical posts but every once in awhile I may deviate from my technical nature. Sometimes I'll post a "micro" blog, those are mostly notes for myself to remember how to do something.

Thanks for stopping by and feel free to reach out if you need help with anything!

Golang: errors, routines, and channels

Published: 10 February, 2016

I've been working in Golang for a few months now. I've really started to like the language and how similar it is to Python. Below is an example of how I'm planning to handle errors that occur in some goroutines.

The example is borrowed from!topic/golang-nuts/zAmaq1Q2mqA I wanted more rationale on each part and below are the examples. I put some effort into explaining how each part works and...
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Published: 12 November, 2015

If you've not heard about it there is a great conference here in Kansas City called I spent November 9th and 10th getting to hear a lot of really great talks and chatting with a lot of smart people. I recommend you come every year after this one, it's that good. The talks range from low level technical details, such as using Software Transactional Memory, all the...
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First Class Citizen: JavaScript

Published: 12 May, 2015

Think of the last time you were given a project or a new website to build. The coding language for the server was not what you focused on. You likely thought more about how complex the site would be and what server side framework you would use to create the site.

Let's say you worked through the feature list and landed on using Rails or Django as your server side...
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Published: 18 March, 2014

garrypolley/djorm-talkdjorm-talk - This is a simple repo for an orm explanation, the link is to the slideshow. Django ORM talk I gave at a Python meetup. 

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