Suko Solver

On this day in 2021 I was working on my weekend ritual of solving the Suko and Cell Blocks puzzles. I’ve wondered each weekend if there is a Suko puzzle. I finally wanted to check after solving the puzzle to see if there was a solver. I grabbed my phone and searched the web. The internet seems to yield no obvious results. So here we are - I want to create a Suko solver.

Cowboy Bread

Great as a dinner or dessert role.

Mini Fat Baguette

Crisp on the outside and soft on the inside. A strong oregano flavor with an overtone of basil.

Pizza Dough

A tasty dough that can be used for any pizza. Ideally chicken pesto pizza.

Wheat Bread

Tastes good with butter and on its own.

Basil Bread

Simple and light oil based basil bread. Very good with soften butter spread as toast.

Install Python on Windows 3.6.2

This is a quick post of all screen shots on steps to install Python. Click Customize Installation on the image above Click NEXT above Ensure “install for all users” is selected Click install

Windows Desktop App: Prism Default Page

This will be short because it’s mostly a note to myself. I just got started doing WPF applications using, Prism. The most useful part I’ve used so far has been this video: What I what to cover specifically in this post: handling the default view/window of an applicaiton. If you followed the video from the link posted above, you’ll have an application that can do navigation and how data from other Views with a backed ViewModel.

Gophercon 2016 Recap

Gophercon exists to get as many Golang developers together in one place as possible. It’s a four day event, starting with tutorials, two days of talks, and closing out with a hackday. Due to my schedule and preferences I decided only to attend days two and three of talks. Thanks to Twitch the conference was available as a live stream. You will be able to watch all the talks. (Links to talks will be updated as they come out.

Golang: errors, routines, and channels

I’ve been working in Golang for a few months now. I’ve really started to like the language and how similar it is to Python. Below is an example of how I’m planning to handle errors that occur in some goroutines. The example is borrowed from!topic/golang-nuts/zAmaq1Q2mqA I wanted more rationale on each part and below are the examples. I put some effort into explaining how each part works and why it works.