PV Zoning Info

As of May-20-2024 there are three places to better understand the current zoning plans in Prairie Village Kansas, as well as how they differ from today. After the links below you’ll see my understanding and summary. Pages 8 - 72 from meetings of the May 7th 2024 Planning Commission Agenda Current Zoning Laws Summary of changes as of April 8, 2024 First it’s good to take a look at our current zones:

Times Table

This is an attempt to do a simple view of a times table for people that want to see one easily. I think most know the 0 and 1 times table, so this covers all the rest from the numbers entered. table { border-spacing: 10px; border-collapse: separate; } tbody tr:nth-child(odd){ background-color: #22b937; color: #fff; } Times First: Times Second: Update var starterX = 12; var starterY = 12; const form = document.

Setting Up M1

I have the priledge of getting to purchase an Apple MacBook Air M1. I’m excited to start getting the device setup and seeing how it compares to the macbook pro I’ve been using the last few years. Moreover, 2 years ago I purchased a windows Surfacebook Laptop from CostCo that has done well, but the ergonomics are not quite for me. Therefore, I’ve taken the plundge into the m1 – with my first ever MacBook Air!

Book Review: 'The Overstory'

The Overstory was a great book to read. At first I thought it was going to be doom and gloom. For the first few chapters you are met with a few ups and a lot of downs. I was fearful the entire book would be sad. As I read more and more of the book I realized it was not that the book was sad. More the book was telling a story, a very big story.

Suko Solver

On this day in 2021 I was working on my weekend ritual of solving the Suko and Cell Blocks puzzles. I’ve wondered each weekend if there is a Suko puzzle. I finally wanted to check after solving the puzzle to see if there was a solver. I grabbed my phone and searched the web. The internet seems to yield no obvious results. So here we are - I want to create a Suko solver.

Cowboy Bread

Great as a dinner or dessert role.

Mini Fat Baguette

Crisp on the outside and soft on the inside. A strong oregano flavor with an overtone of basil.

Pizza Dough

A tasty dough that can be used for any pizza. Ideally chicken pesto pizza.

Wheat Bread

Tastes good with butter and on its own.

Basil Bread

Simple and light oil based basil bread. Very good with soften butter spread as toast.