I’m still getting everything setup for development on my new retina display mac book pro, which is awesome, and I encountered an issue. I’ve not really done java dev on a mac, mostly linux or windows. Apparently the JAVA_HOME that you get for free on linux is not used on the mac. You’ll need to add JAVA_HOME to your .bash_profile, or equivalent depending on your terminal choice. Upon google searching I was lead to this email archive that gave me the solution: http://lists.

7 Databases in 7 Weeks: PostgreSQL, Riak, and Hbase

I decided to purchase this book based on a recommendation by a coworker named Tom. I’ve finished up with the first 4 chapters and it has been a really good read. I’d highly recommend this book to anyone interested in database technology, or even as a college textbook to help introduce differences among different data stores. The writers have taken great effort in making the book both readable (it’s very much like a conversation with an expert) and technical so you can truly begin to understand the different databases and the use cases they support.

DNSimple wins again

I used to do some work for and I learned a fair amount about SEO. The easiest thing I learned that helps a site is making sure your www.mysite.come poitns to, or vice-versa. I was having some difficulty doing this with using hostmonster because I prefer the over http://www.mysite.comwww.mysite.come poitns to, or vice-versa. I was having some difficulty doing this with using hostmonster because I prefer the http://mysite.

Better Hosts: They do exist

I started the day today working on some stuff for @linkminded. Through working on this I decided I needed some github integration, so I decided I’d look at a project created by Rigo. The project mentioned in my earlier blog posts. By working on this little side project to get my website up I have found out a few things: Don’t use hostmonster, they are slow, and I couldn’t setup a naked dns entry to save my life.


I have found that 2 micro instances do not compare in processing power to a single small on AWS. Although, I did get what I paid for with the micros. Happy to have my site up and running a bit faster.

Only took 3 years

Just got my site up for real thanks to some help from Ryan Niemeyer @rniemeyer and Rodrigo Neri @rigoneri. I used 2 projects to help get it up and going one from Ryan to help me figure out how to deploy out in AWS land: The other project from rigo which is the actual site with small modifications to actually be about me: I’ve been wanting to play around with AWS on my own and also get my website to no longer be ‘under construction”.